Victim of a Darek Tymejczyk Rip-off? Want justice?

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Victim of a Rip-off? Want justice? 

 If you have become a victim of Dariusz Tymejczyk akaDEREK MADRAY Darek TymejczykDarek T. Ledan   -- please post in this message board.


Help prevent other victims from being defrauded of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars 


    Manger & ideological leader of international, organized crime group & pimp.

Specialized in cigarette & drug smuggling, sales of rented vehicles to organized groups and pimping.

He introduces himself as respectable businessman , making good connections with city officials in Europe & Canada , then using these contacts for his criminal affaires. Opens fake companies , conducts illicit land transactions with falsified documents and help of his own crooked lawyers. Accepts cash for arranging Immigration to Canada from potential Business Immigrants from Europe. Obtains large sums of money from investors in Canada for land & construction development projects & does not fulfill any of his obligations  or promises before he disappears.

Obtains big bank credits by providing false & illegal documents with help of his corrupted lawyers & bank managers.

Illigal money transfer & money laundering  between Canada & USA. Tax evasion in Canada & USA. Illigal money transfer to Dominican Republic, Panama.

Borrows frequently large sums of money using falsified documents , without any intention to pay back.


Sexual orientation is a sadist , bisexual, pedophile.






Born on 7th of February 1968 in Lesko , Poland


Using various addresses in : Kingston, ON, CA ;

119 Water Street West, Brockville, Ontario, Canada ;

101 Water St. West, Suite 2C, Brockville, Ontario K6V 3M1 Canada.

And various phone numbers : (613)499-2268 , (613)709-3036 , (613)556-0070

E-mail:;  Skype: dtnvc3  

Driver's Licence № : T9661-15506-80207


DAREK TYMEJCZYK introduces himself as respectable businessman :


DAREK TYMEJCZYK gains trust of City management. Uses fake business cards in order to raise his status & prove connections. On the reverse side of the card he shows City Business Development Manager’s address in order to validate his connections to his potential victims.

There are cars of DAREK TYMEJCZYK- Mercedes and Jaguar:


DAREK TYMEJCZYK has received Canadian Passport illegaly in 1994.

DAREK TYMEJCZYK was convicted in 1993 & his vehicle seized at Canada – us border for large cigarette smuggling operation.

Since 3rd of May 2002 in Frankfurt/Oder & then Cottbus jail by German Customs Police for cigarette smuggling operation involving entire tractor trailer, busted in Berlin’s warehouse. He was held in Frankfurt/Oder facility for several weeks & then was transferred to Cottbus jail , where he was held until October. Then he was held in Cottbus under daily Police Supervision, that was changed into weekly Police Supervision, that was restricted to City of Cottbus. He was not allowed to leave Germany.   He has escaped to Canada through Warsaw/Poland in April 2003. Still wanted in Poland in Germany. 

That was the reason , that he did not attend his father’s funeral in September 2011 - Michal Tymejczyk ( born on 13th of October 1943 ).


Address & web page of State Prosecutor Ingrid Bunse , who locked him up :

INGRID BUNSE - Oberstaatsanwältin bei der Staatsanwaltschaft Cottbus

Аddres : Staatsanwaltschaft Cottbus,

Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 33, 03046 Cottbus :

Cell. : +49(172)520-0297

Теl. : +49(355)361-0 , 361-179; 

Fax: +49(355)361-250


He has purchased Bruehl Palace in Brody/Poland in 1995 and obtained Bank Credits from Bank Handlowy in Warsaw & Gubin exceeding $2,000,000USD.

He did not pay numerous labourers , contractors & Banks.

He has organized armed robbery on illegal Ukrainian workers , who were on their way back home with $5,000USD to see their families.

It has occurred late night in the middle of Brody forest , only 8km away from the Palace. They were forced to come back & work as slave labourers for him for another 9 month.He was trying to use Brody Mayor in his illegal activities as well.


Аddress : Urząd Gminy Brody, ul. Rynek 2

Теl.  : +48(68)371-2155               


Fax :      (68)371-2015            

E-mail :

Perhaps Darek Tymejczyk will leave Canada and start making a new financial Scams in US, Ghana, Dominican Republic or Panama.


Company & office of  DAREK TYMEJCZYK City of Brockville, Ontario , at address: 101 Water St. West, Suite 2C, Brockville, Ontario K6V 3M1 Canada


Below are addresses of companies registered , or used by  DAREK TYMEJCZYK for illegal activities in Poland , or Canada :

 Companies registered under unsuspecting third parties by Tymejczyk :


Registered Office Address Care of: Jim Fowles, 6422 Bernice Crt, Ottawa ON K1C 7E5, Canada

Brockville Landings Inc


 Szczecin, Gdańska 7, Stanowisko: Członek Zarządu (Board member),159042.html


 Dariusz Tymejczyk (Crefo: 9410170695)

68-343 Brody Żarskie, pl. Zamkowy 9, Poland


Аddress: ul. Plac Zamkowy 9, Brody, 68-343 Brody



DAREK TYMEJCZYK – he was introducing himself as General Manager of Brockville Moorings Corp.,

Noble Real Estate & Development Credit Union Ek. för.

Аddress:  Brevia 882, 114 79 Stockholm, Stockholms län

CIBG INC and Venture Capital & Private Equity Consultant

Owner, Canada , Venture Capital & Private Equity

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Supporting Documentation about the bankrupted relatives of the Darek Tymejczyk

by Administrator 15. October 2012 09:00


Information about the relatives of the Darek Tymejczyk, which he bankrupted 


The bankruptcy of the first wife SUEANN MADRAY:

The bankruptcy of the second wife NATALIA ZIMOCHOD:

DAREK TYMEJCZYK led to the bankruptcy of his sister-in-law CHERYLMADRAY, received on her name credits and taking all her money. As a result of this, she died 14.05.2012. The husband of Cheryl Madray was killed on January, 9 2013.

Ask yourself the question - Who benefits?  

DAREK TYMEJCZYK bankrupted CHARLES KOBINA KASSIM, getting credit in his name and then taking afterwards all of his money.




ОРР Headquarters with Organized Crime Unit

by Administrator 14. October 2012 09:00

All informatioin about Darek Tymejczyk’s fraud activities , tax evasion & money laundering operation with his partners in crime will be welcomed news at ОРР Headquarters with Organized Crime Unit:




Proceeds of Crime

by Administrator 7. October 2012 09:00

Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Integrated Proceeds of Crime (IPOC)

The strongest motivator for any criminal is profit-cold hard cash, and all of the material trappings it can buy. While traditional law enforcement targets two components of crime, the person committing the crime and the commodity (i.e. drugs, stolen property), the RCMP Integrated Proceeds of Crime Units (IPOC) concentrates on a third component-the illicit wealth that flows from these criminal activities.

Following the money is the work of the RCMP “O” Division Integrated Proceeds of Crime Units.  By confiscating the motivating factor, seizing or restraining the money and accumulated wealth, members of IPOC attack the core of profit-based criminal activity. They seize the money and goods that law breakers amass as a result of committing crimes, mainly in the illegal drug trade but also the proceeds from offences including fraud, smuggling, and other organized crime activities.

One of the heads of organized gangs is Dariusz Tymejczyk, who uses the aliases are Darek T.Ledan, Darek Tymejczyk, Derek T. andcan be other aliases. He is on the international wanted list through Interpol for smuggling cigarettes, drugs, a major bank fraud in Poland, Germany and Ukraine. Accomplices of crime in Canada are believed to be lawyers Jehuda J. Kaminer, under investigation at the moment, and C.Douglas Sutherland, which was suspended from the profession for financial scams and fraud with the ground.

The RCMP national Proceeds of Crime program is directed at identifying, assessing, seizing, restraining and forfeiting illicit wealth. These proceeds undermine the social and economic well-being of Canadians and, at the same time, increase the power and influence of organized criminals and illegal enterprises.


Groundbreaking success

Project OVIZERI is an investigation into opium importing and heroin trafficking in the GTA. Toronto IPOC joined this investigation in 2009 and charges of Money Laundering were soon in place, relating to transactions done by the main target totaling $57,400 CAD and $28,982.61 USD.   The main target was sentenced to 12.5 years on each of the following drug charges:  importing of controlled substances, exporting of controlled substances and conspiracy to traffic.  A guilty plea was entered for the Money Laundering charge, and an additional six months in jail was added to the sentence, taking into consideration the six months pre-trial custody.

Project OLONGBOW.  Working in conjunction with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) directorate IPOC successfully dismantled an international bulk cash smuggling network responsible for laundering millions of dollars derived from drug distribution throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, and Colombia.

The Canadian portion of the investigation began in September 2008, as a result of information from Immigration and Customs Enforcement Miami Field Office. ICE and RCMP infiltrated the criminal organization responsible for laundering bulk cash from Canada. Toronto IPOC investigators seized approximately 1.7 million dollars in cash that the criminal organization was intent on laundering. All of the money seized by Toronto IPOC was bulk cash and was concealed in large suitcases and duffel bags.



Bank accomplices of Darek Tymejczyk :





 IAN PAUL CAMERON (Fired by RBC for fraudulent transactions).


IAN PAUL CAMERON (born on 26th of November 1960) – RBC Manager , which helped DAREK TYMEJCZYK to obtain bank credits.

 Аddress : 236 Confederation Ave, THOROLD, ONTARIO, L2V 5A2

 Driver's Licence # : C0350-35376-01126


Accomplices who helped DAREK TYMEJCZYK receive money through deception




DAREK TYMEJCZYK introduced this man as retired Minister of Finance of Canada.

In fact, this person has never worked for the public service.

His name is Steven Tunks.

Steven Tunks is a Darek Tymejczyk`s sexual partner.





Оne of the scams of Darek Tymejczyk in Canada

by Administrator 6. October 2012 09:00

Оne of the scams of Darek Tymejczyk in Canada:

 This scheme is personally prepared by Darek Tymejczyk in office of Brockville Landings at 101 Water Street in February of 2011.



Here DAREK TYMEJCZYK writes how much money should potential immigrants deposit to their companies accounts in Canada, designed with the help of a lawyer CHARLES DOUGLAS SUTHERLAND, in order to have a business visa by July (look at the board – July – Business Visa - ОK), and exactly a year after , after companies registration to have Permanent Resident status in February of 2012. Bank account access was held by AMANDA LABELLE - DAREK TYMEJCZYK appointed her a director & through her was conducting financial transactions of several companies. DAREK TYMEJCZYK stated , that first payments (in total about $37,500 - expenses on the board ) will go to the Police and City Mayor. He has showed business cards of 5 people : - Police Chief , City Mayor , City Business Development Manager , a female working for the Mayor & his own business card.He said that all of them are members of an organization that helps to Immigrate to Canada, and these funds are intended for officials who will help move them to Canada (look – City documents ).The remaining funds were to be spent for a land purchase through which immigrants receive Permanent Resident. In the end over $200,000CAD was stolen from corporate accounts, which belonged to foreign investors. It’s been two years now, since Corporate accounts were looted & funds stolen , and Permanent Resident status which was the key issue for these foreign investorsnever materialized. It is not an issue to Tymejczyk any more.





DAREK TYMEJCZYK stated , thatHe has made a financial commitment himself from potential immigrants  ( $40,000 CAD per person willing to immigrate) for help to facilitate Permanent Resident & later Canadian Citizenship from Brockville Police Chief. To make his pitch more convincing , he has showed  Police Chief John S. Gardiner business card and called him his close friend.  DAREK TYMEJCZYK told his victims, that he needs to hand cash to Police Chief himself , since chief cannot personally accept them & will not take any money from strangers. This statement by DAREK TYMEJCZYK was witnessed by three individuals.


Chief of PoliceJohn S. Gardiner





Internet info on Tymejczyk

by Administrator 5. October 2012 09:00

Dariusz Tymejczyk is nowhere to be found ( translation from Polish ).

He took on numerous renovation credits for Palace Brody , but did not pay many contractors , or labourers.

In a letter to the city's planning department, Darek Tymejczyk, who identifies himself as CEO of the Brockville Moorings Corp., identified the new owner as Brockville Landings Inc., adding it is the new purchaser of the property through a power-of-sale process.

Brockville Moorings Corp. has assigned to the new group "all rights of property" and other property and documents related to the project,

From what we know , the previous owner is in jail for drug dealing .

The rightful owner - Dariusz Tymejczyk escaped to Canada several years ago.

He was not even making minimum payments on loans , that he had with several banks & the debt grew to over $2,000,000USD.

 Hello ! It happens , that I know Tymejczyk too well ! He did not go to Canada because of his beautiful girlfriend , but was on the run from Cottbus State Prosecutor for cigarette smuggling.



Darek Tymejczyk's US property

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Darek Tymejczyk's US property :

          Darek Tymejczyk was using Acura MDX plated in Virginia and then New York State for his Money Laundering operation.


       Tymejczyk was involved in "Money laundering operation" through his company : Canadian Integrated Business Group ( C.I.B.G. ).

As these T/T copies show , he was in receipt of EUR denominated wire transfers from parties in US & UK.






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