Оne of the scams of Darek Tymejczyk in Canada

by Administrator 6. October 2012 09:00

Оne of the scams of Darek Tymejczyk in Canada:

 This scheme is personally prepared by Darek Tymejczyk in office of Brockville Landings at 101 Water Street in February of 2011.



Here DAREK TYMEJCZYK writes how much money should potential immigrants deposit to their companies accounts in Canada, designed with the help of a lawyer CHARLES DOUGLAS SUTHERLAND, in order to have a business visa by July (look at the board – July – Business Visa - ОK), and exactly a year after , after companies registration to have Permanent Resident status in February of 2012. Bank account access was held by AMANDA LABELLE - DAREK TYMEJCZYK appointed her a director & through her was conducting financial transactions of several companies. DAREK TYMEJCZYK stated , that first payments (in total about $37,500 - expenses on the board ) will go to the Police and City Mayor. He has showed business cards of 5 people : - Police Chief , City Mayor , City Business Development Manager , a female working for the Mayor & his own business card.He said that all of them are members of an organization that helps to Immigrate to Canada, and these funds are intended for officials who will help move them to Canada (look – City documents ).The remaining funds were to be spent for a land purchase through which immigrants receive Permanent Resident. In the end over $200,000CAD was stolen from corporate accounts, which belonged to foreign investors. It’s been two years now, since Corporate accounts were looted & funds stolen , and Permanent Resident status which was the key issue for these foreign investorsnever materialized. It is not an issue to Tymejczyk any more.





DAREK TYMEJCZYK stated , thatHe has made a financial commitment himself from potential immigrants  ( $40,000 CAD per person willing to immigrate) for help to facilitate Permanent Resident & later Canadian Citizenship from Brockville Police Chief. To make his pitch more convincing , he has showed  Police Chief John S. Gardiner business card and called him his close friend.  DAREK TYMEJCZYK told his victims, that he needs to hand cash to Police Chief himself , since chief cannot personally accept them & will not take any money from strangers. This statement by DAREK TYMEJCZYK was witnessed by three individuals.


Chief of PoliceJohn S. Gardiner





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