Darek Tymejczyk’s partner in crime & lover - AMANDA LEANNE LA BELLE

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 Darek Tymejczyk’s partner in crime & lover - AMANDA leanne LA BELLE


















Profession – crook & con artist. Obtains real estate credits through fraud by inflating land appraisals.

DAREK TYMEJCZYK introduces her as his secretary , recommends to business immigrants , that she should be appointed a Director of Ontario Corporations opened through his crooked , con artist lawyers  (CHARLES DOUGLAS SUTHERLAND &JEHUDA JKAMINER, as according to his own words a foreigner cannot open a business without Canadian Citizen . Then foreign investors transfer money to their respective companies for real estate purchases. AMANDA LA BELLE blocks on-line account access, signs cheques and ruins foreign investor companies. She purchases vehicles through investor’s accounts, car insurance and pays for her own real estate.

   Info about ruining MDS, house and vehicle purchases for DAREK TYMEJCZYK,  MDS funds , can be found below.

     Corporation MDS - № 1738583 Ontario Inc. was used by AMANDA LABELLE & DAREK TYMEJCZYK , as a guarantor for AMANDA LABELLE’S home purchase , without any knowledge of the owner.




At the moment AMANDA LA BELLE owns her house in Brockville, Ontario , which was used to obtain inflated bank loan. The estimated value of the home is $240,000CAD and mortgage received by AMANDA LA BELLE & DAREK TYMEJCZYK, using foreign investor’s MDS Corp. as guarantor was for $360,000 CAD  with the help of his accomplice , a corrupt bank manager.



       Vehicle & insurance purchase for Lincoln Town Car by AMANDA LABELLE & DAREK TYMEJCZYK under MDS Inc. without owners knowledge.

     Clearly visible Amana Labelle’s signature on 2011 insurance document as MDS authorized person.


 Vehicle & insurance purchase for Volvo XC 90 by AMANDA LABELLE & DAREK TYMEJCZYK under the company MDS Inc. by investor from Europe without owners knowledge. DAREK TYMEJCZYK  bought this vehicle  for his second wife Natalia Ledan.




     Darek Tymejczyk’s signature on 2012 insurance document , as MDS authorized person - he was never employed , nor he has ever held any position with MDS Inc.



    DAREK TYMEJCZYK and AMANDA LA BELLE used corporate funds for subsequent scams.  After ruining these companies , foreign investors are encouraged to sign real estate agreement , by which DAREK TYMEJCZYKAMANDA LA BELLECHARLES DOUGLAS SUTHERLAND & JEHUDA J. KAMINER obtained mortgages. By signing this agreement , foreign investor automatically becomes liable to the bank for the mortgage. Given the fact that the land is not suitable for any use in the future, investor’s company goes bankrupt and foreign investor becomes a man with ruined credit history in Canada.

   Since AMANDA LA BELLE is executive director of foreign investor’s companies, has the ability to use these companies as a guarantor for fraudulent transactions. Cheques which AMANDA LA BELLE would sign to herself from Corporation MDS  belonging to foreign investor, would use for her own needs.  AMANDA LA BELLE stole $25.508 CAD just from one company – MDS. 

   The сopies of cheques, which Amanda La Belle currently subscribed for herself from the account of the foreigner-investor’s firm MDS and cash for her own needs:


    In the end DAREK TYMEJCZYK uses AMANDA LA BELLE to provide sexual services to attract potential victims of financial frauds.


Info about AMANDA LA BELLE is on web page :      http://martelmortgages.ca/agents.php?agent=amandalabelle

Amanda La Belle - Mortgage Agent

Cell. Ph. : (613)340-8482

Fax. : (866)236-9111

E-mail: amanda_labelle_2@hotmail.com;  alabelle@martelmortgages.ca     

Address : 63 Quabbin Rd. PO Box 264, Mallorytown, Ontario K0E 1R0 Canada

Skype: amanda_labelle_2





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SyperHolyInquisition Dominican Republic
9/12/2014 2:39:30 PM #

Dear Sarina Valentina! We would be very grateful if you provide this information to all your friends! This will help prevent new crimes!!!


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