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by Administrator 5. October 2012 09:00

Dariusz Tymejczyk is nowhere to be found ( translation from Polish ).

He took on numerous renovation credits for Palace Brody , but did not pay many contractors , or labourers.

In a letter to the city's planning department, Darek Tymejczyk, who identifies himself as CEO of the Brockville Moorings Corp., identified the new owner as Brockville Landings Inc., adding it is the new purchaser of the property through a power-of-sale process.

Brockville Moorings Corp. has assigned to the new group "all rights of property" and other property and documents related to the project,

From what we know , the previous owner is in jail for drug dealing .

The rightful owner - Dariusz Tymejczyk escaped to Canada several years ago.

He was not even making minimum payments on loans , that he had with several banks & the debt grew to over $2,000,000USD.

 Hello ! It happens , that I know Tymejczyk too well ! He did not go to Canada because of his beautiful girlfriend , but was on the run from Cottbus State Prosecutor for cigarette smuggling.



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