Partner in crime - Darek Tymejczyk’s wife - SUEANN MADRAY

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His partner in crime - Darek Tymejczyk’s wife - SUEANN MADRAY



Profession– prostitute , crook & con artist; collects anything that can compromise her customers , than uses blackmail to extort money from her customers by threat of rape report to Police.

Specialized in : fraud , blackmail & extorsion

SUEANN MADRAY – Darek’s wife . The official registration of marriage was on September, 22, 2012

 Born on : 17th of April 1971 г. – in Huntley , Mahaicony , Guyana

Аddress : 5643 LONGBOAT AVENUE , MISSISSAUGA , Ontario , L5M7E5

Driver's Licence # : M0113-72607-15417


DAREK TYMEJCZYK SUEANN MADRAY stole enough money from unsuspecting customers to buy a mansion at 28 Diane Court in Brampton, Ontario, where they live and enjoy their riches.


 DAREK TYMEJCZYK SUEANN MADRAY have four children together :

Son - Nicholas Alexander Madray (born on 01st of August 1994 - North York , Canada) , two daughters Victoria Madray (born on 08th of October 1998) & Chloe Madray ( born in 2006 ) , and son David Tyler was born on January, 5, 2013. His fourth son has a down`s syndrom.

    Nicholas Alexander Madray is a student at the Binghamton University. Address: 4400 Vestal Parkway East Binghamton, NY 13902 USA, State University of New York.


Victoria Madray goes to the Turner Fenton Secondary School. Address: 7935 Kennedy Road South, Brampton, Ontario, L6W 0A2, Canada.



Chloe Madray ( born in 2006 )

Currently  DAREK TYMEJCZYK SUEANN MADRAY purchased a house in Mississauga , Ontario. In order to avoid any taxes or future problems they have used native Indian  GLENN GREEN.


GLENN GREEN– Telephone : (613)328-0502).


 DAREK TYMEJCZYK uses him currently for most of his illegal real estate activities.


 DAREK TYMEJCZYK  is a happy hasbund



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K United States
3/16/2013 7:29:32 PM #

I have just been thru the Interpol site and I haven't seen his picture.  Is he really wanted by Interpol?


Holy Inquisition
Holy Inquisition Russia
3/18/2013 1:44:00 AM #

Hello Kathleen ! He is wanted by Europol for his cigarette smuggling operation to be exact.


RWJ United States
1/10/2014 12:41:19 AM #

How can I tell if an alleged "Business Opportunity" is actually a ponzi or pyramid scheme? I just started a $2 weely subscription with a company called RWJ Marketing, But now... I'm starting to worry that the claims they are making are too good to be true And I've possibly fallen for a scam! Frown


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