Proceeds of Crime

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Integrated Proceeds of Crime (IPOC)

The strongest motivator for any criminal is profit-cold hard cash, and all of the material trappings it can buy. While traditional law enforcement targets two components of crime, the person committing the crime and the commodity (i.e. drugs, stolen property), the RCMP Integrated Proceeds of Crime Units (IPOC) concentrates on a third component-the illicit wealth that flows from these criminal activities.

Following the money is the work of the RCMP “O” Division Integrated Proceeds of Crime Units.  By confiscating the motivating factor, seizing or restraining the money and accumulated wealth, members of IPOC attack the core of profit-based criminal activity. They seize the money and goods that law breakers amass as a result of committing crimes, mainly in the illegal drug trade but also the proceeds from offences including fraud, smuggling, and other organized crime activities.

One of the heads of organized gangs is Dariusz Tymejczyk, who uses the aliases are Darek T.Ledan, Darek Tymejczyk, Derek T. andcan be other aliases. He is on the international wanted list through Interpol for smuggling cigarettes, drugs, a major bank fraud in Poland, Germany and Ukraine. Accomplices of crime in Canada are believed to be lawyers Jehuda J. Kaminer, under investigation at the moment, and C.Douglas Sutherland, which was suspended from the profession for financial scams and fraud with the ground.

The RCMP national Proceeds of Crime program is directed at identifying, assessing, seizing, restraining and forfeiting illicit wealth. These proceeds undermine the social and economic well-being of Canadians and, at the same time, increase the power and influence of organized criminals and illegal enterprises.


Groundbreaking success

Project OVIZERI is an investigation into opium importing and heroin trafficking in the GTA. Toronto IPOC joined this investigation in 2009 and charges of Money Laundering were soon in place, relating to transactions done by the main target totaling $57,400 CAD and $28,982.61 USD.   The main target was sentenced to 12.5 years on each of the following drug charges:  importing of controlled substances, exporting of controlled substances and conspiracy to traffic.  A guilty plea was entered for the Money Laundering charge, and an additional six months in jail was added to the sentence, taking into consideration the six months pre-trial custody.

Project OLONGBOW.  Working in conjunction with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) directorate IPOC successfully dismantled an international bulk cash smuggling network responsible for laundering millions of dollars derived from drug distribution throughout Canada, United States, Mexico, and Colombia.

The Canadian portion of the investigation began in September 2008, as a result of information from Immigration and Customs Enforcement Miami Field Office. ICE and RCMP infiltrated the criminal organization responsible for laundering bulk cash from Canada. Toronto IPOC investigators seized approximately 1.7 million dollars in cash that the criminal organization was intent on laundering. All of the money seized by Toronto IPOC was bulk cash and was concealed in large suitcases and duffel bags.



Bank accomplices of Darek Tymejczyk :





 IAN PAUL CAMERON (Fired by RBC for fraudulent transactions).


IAN PAUL CAMERON (born on 26th of November 1960) – RBC Manager , which helped DAREK TYMEJCZYK to obtain bank credits.

 Аddress : 236 Confederation Ave, THOROLD, ONTARIO, L2V 5A2

 Driver's Licence # : C0350-35376-01126


Accomplices who helped DAREK TYMEJCZYK receive money through deception




DAREK TYMEJCZYK introduced this man as retired Minister of Finance of Canada.

In fact, this person has never worked for the public service.

His name is Steven Tunks.

Steven Tunks is a Darek Tymejczyk`s sexual partner.





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