Second wife of Darek Tymejczyk - Natalia Zimochod (Natalia Ledan)

by DS 12. October 2012 09:00

Second wife of Darek Tymejczyk - Natalia Zimochod

Tymejczyk's best partner in crime : Natalia Shurkalo, Szkodzinska, Stawowczyk, Ledan Zimochod .

She has help him convince most of his victims into his fraud scheme.

Born on 8th of August 1961 in Alma-Ata Russia ( currently Kazahstan ).

Profession : medical Con_Artist

She has three children :Daniel (born on 21st of October 1997) ,  Jurek Stawowczyk, ( born on 17th of October 1990 ) & Taras Szurkalo ( born on 19th of May 1985).

Natalia Zimochod lived together with Darek LEDAN for 9 years , first in Niagara on the Lake & then Brockville, Ontario.

Darek LEDAN stole all her money & drowned her in debt. Natalia Ledan lost all her property. Darek LEDAN stole even funds provided as a “Baby bonus” for children by Canadian Government.

Darek Tymejczyk arranged for credits under Taras Szurkalo name , who was a minor at the time & son of Natalia Ledan, opened companies under his name for his illegal activities.  Then he has transferred funds from companies of foreign investors to a company registered under Taras Szurkalo name for services , that were fictitious .

There are the copies of cheques, confirming the transfer of money from the company MDS of Russian investor on account of the adopted son’s firm Taras Szurkalo :





















In the end MDS Inc., which Darek Tymejczyk opened for Russian Immigrant Investor lost $33,810 CAD to a company registered under Taras Szurkalo  in first three months. Most cheques were signed by Amanda La Belle, who was Canadian Director appointed by Tymejczyk & under his direct orders – some of these cheques were signed by the owner of the company , which is physically not possible , since he was not in Canada at that time. 

These documents confirm , that , his stepson  Taras Szurkal is also Darek Tymejczyk’s , partner – Ontario Corporation # 2142827 is registered under his name after all , through which he has ruined corporations of European investors.










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