Supporting Documentation about the bankrupted relatives of the Darek Tymejczyk

by Administrator 15. October 2012 09:00


Information about the relatives of the Darek Tymejczyk, which he bankrupted 


The bankruptcy of the first wife SUEANN MADRAY:

The bankruptcy of the second wife NATALIA ZIMOCHOD:

DAREK TYMEJCZYK led to the bankruptcy of his sister-in-law CHERYLMADRAY, received on her name credits and taking all her money. As a result of this, she died 14.05.2012. The husband of Cheryl Madray was killed on January, 9 2013.

Ask yourself the question - Who benefits?  

DAREK TYMEJCZYK bankrupted CHARLES KOBINA KASSIM, getting credit in his name and then taking afterwards all of his money.




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