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Mark Canada
2/11/2014 3:32:04 PM #

Who are you?

I have more documents regarding Sutherland.
He was involved in more frauds than this, he was a very corrupt lawyer.

There is a bigger web here of organized crime.

He was also involved with Mr. James Neumann of Mortgage Architects also of Stittsville Ontario conducting various mortgage scams.

My business was ruined by these crooks.

I have sued Neumann and also I have sued Sutherland successfully for  breach of fiduciary responsibilities.

I want to know who you are prior to submitting any copies of documents.

Sutherland and James Neumann here is another mafia/organized crime,  connection for you -still in business.

I also believe they paid off a Ontario Superior Court Judge.  

There is more to this web of characters than you think, they find each other in strange coincidences or is it a big syndicate of money laundering and other scams?.

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